Population Growth at Monte Albán

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Rise of Monte Albán I
3. The Transition to Monte Albán II
4. Acknowledgements

List of Figures

1. Models for the growth of Population in Monte Albán I

List of Tables

1. Populations of San José Mogote and Monte Albán I
2. Model A, Initial Population 436
3. Model B, Initial Population 840
4. Model C, Initial Population 1069
5. Model D, Initial Population 1365

List of Equations

1. A Simple Growth Model
2. First Order Growth
3. Gompertz Growth Curve
4. Pearl-Reed Logistic Curve
5. A Pearl-Reed function
6. Logistic Curve
7. Chi Squared Statistic

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Abstract . The sudden and rapid population growth following the move to Monte Albán at the end of the Rosario epoch is modelled using a simple power growth and two logistic models. We find strong evidence for a levelling off of population about 300-350 BC coincident with the construction of the first fortifications at Monte Albán. The transition to Monte Albán II ... The analysis suggests that population expansion progressed in steps which coincided with major political and/or environmental changes ... [[****** to be completed later ******]]