This is an ongoing attempt to preserve some of my writing in various areas. Much early work has been lost over the years, and I no longer have copies of later work. More will be added as they come to light until I run out of disk space. Wherever possible I have randomly selected papers in an attempt to include Graduate students, Post-doc Fellow,s and collaborators.

There is no regular date sequence, additions have been made as they came to light.

Last update 15 January 2019.

I don't seem to have anything since then - 21 April 2021.

Another 180 or so to go.

(Patience required: some of these are big documents.)

Ron - brief resumé

Lone Pine Pendle

Architectonics of Cleanness Revisited

Astronomical Observations and Architecture at Monte Albán, Teotihuacan, and Stonehenge

The Identity of the Gawain Poet

The origin of the 260 Day Ritual Calendar in Mesoamerica

Robin Hood and the Coterel Gang

Evidence for Highly Mobile Electron Pairs near the Metal-Nonmetal Transition. Phil Mag, 22 779 (1970)

Metal-Ammonia Solutions. Advances in Physics, 18 665 (1969)

Structure of Solvated Electrons. Nature Physical Sciences, 229,10 (1971)

Rubidium-85,-87 Hyperfine Structure Anomaly. Mol. Phus. 32 555 (1976)

Nanosecond Laser Photolysis of Carbonmonoxyhaemoglobin. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 705 257 (1982)

Onset of Metallic Character in Metal-Ammonia. J. Chem. Phys. 43 2262 (1965)

Wannier-Mott Impurity Grounnd States. Chem. Phys. Letters, 43 122 (1976)

Added Electrolytes ESR Metals in Ammonia"

Solvated electrons: Europium in Liquid Ammonia

New Reagents for Colorimetric Determination of Nitrite

Spin Phonon Interactions in Sodium and Potassium Metals

Interpretation of Rate Curves Arising From Membrane Permeation Studies

Solvated Electrons in Solid Metal-Ammonia Solutions

New Reagents for the Colorimetric Determination of Microgram Quantities of Nitrite

Apects of Skin Permeability

Density of States in the Gap of a Disordered Material Using E.S.R./Optical Correlations

Last update 15 January 2019